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Learning a third language has been shown to be beneficial to students in terms of mental agility and professional value. The Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC) offers numerous languages that students can study as their third language. Only students at the top 10% of their PSLE cohort are deemed eligible by MOE to study a foreign language as their third language. Students who do not meet this criteria must obtain a passing mark in the Admissions test before their school can register them.

To sit for the admissions exam, students need a sound knowledge of the language. The MOELC holds four entrance exams every three months and interested students can apply through MOE or their school. A passing grade of 50% is required to gain entry into the programme. However, the Admission test is a very selective written exam and those who fail must contact MOELC to re-sit the exam.

Once the students have been selected, they must upkeep a minimum grade to continue taking their third language throughout secondary school and into junior college. In addition, students taking a foreign language as their Mother Tongue in-lieu have to reapply to MOELC for the second language when they enter secondary school.

At Agape School of Education, our course will prepare students not only to pass the Admissions test but to ace it! Our courses follow the MOELC syllabus closely so that students are well-prepared. Each of our lessons is structured similarly to the MOELC structure, right down to the duration of the class! We ensure that our students’ competency levels are regularly assessed with a mock exam every three months. Our aim is to impart a comprehensive knowledge of the MOELC syllabus so that your child is always one step ahead of the rest! Contact us today to find out how we can best prepare your child for the MOELC Admissions test, syllabus or to enquire about remedial lessons!